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So what did the National Geographic expedition find? Read more to find out:… 13/13

Irvine scribbled his last entry on the evening of June 5, 1924 at 23,000 feet, "My face is perfect agony. Have prepared 2 Oxygen apparatus for our start tomorrow morning." They were poised to begin their summit bid the next day. 12/13

A few months before the expedition, Mark Synnott—expedition member and author of our story—visited the Sandy Irvine Archive in England to view Irvine's Everest diary. It was recovered from the mountain after his disappearance. 11/13

A Nepali and Tibetan cooking crew would prepare hearty meals of rice and lentils, soup, and noodles for 30 to 40 people a day. 10/13

Jamie McGuinness, the team’s guide and expedition leader, pushes through a snow squall at 27,000 feet. 9/13

To make camps more comfortable for clients, Sherpas and other support climbers carry bedding and foam pads up the steep slope. "The fact is, the weight of every enterprise on Everest rides on the backs of Sherpas." 8/13

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