Folders are around us already several dozens of years and for the time being nobody invented anything better (besides the scanner and computer) for the organization of documents.
Decide and select how they shall look like – design, surface treatment, the closure or we can agree on special accessories.

Select the correct type:

5A. Classical  folder

With a ring or  D-kombi mechanism.

5B. Folder with a levering mechanism

With an opening or without opening for easier taking out.

5C. Classical  folder with Rado ring

Classical  folder with opening for easier taking out.

5D. Folder + special attachments, size etc.

Here we have to call/write each other. The variability is immense.

Are you clear what you need? Let us go to the non-binding order:

Or take our advice

If you are not completely sure, call us simply and we think everything up together.

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Call or write us and we respond.