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We believe that each of our products deserves an individual and distinctive trait, an original packaging.  We are a top packaging company. We know that the rapidity, reliability, professional attitude and a good price are factors which count. Our focus is mainly on the coated cartonage and other manifold forms of paper finish.

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We use the top technology of the production  for the best possible result and try to utilize its wide range of possibilities to achieve mastery – together with the team which is able to tap the full potential.

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Experience and background 

We look back at more than 25 years of activity in the Czech Republic and the long years built background of a foreign group.
The history of our company  reaches up to 1946.

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Completely individual attitude

Harmony of form and product with packaging is important, but customer's needs are different. We show you the world of new possibilities of the present packaging technology. Integrate video, sound, light as well as scent...

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Robert Ploner (CZ, EN)

+420 603 107 478 

Would you like to find an ideal price/quality ratio?

Balancing price, functionality, originality and appearance in terms of packaging production is our job. We have a wide range of selection. There is no need for you to ponder over it, just pick up your phone or send me a message. We will figure it out together.

Jan Janura, DiS. (CZ, DE)

+420 731 512 732 

Are we able to invent the design of the year  together?

We are, if you desire it.
We create also really complicated and beautiful packaging in Achilles. Our customers win with them mainly the favour and satisfaction of their users. Would you like to have such a packaging? Let us know.

Sylva Vacikarová (CZ, DE)

+420 731 189 242 

Do you need anything really extra?  

If you are heading high, you know well your product, your possibilities, we can start with  the preparation of a wonderful packaging. We help you with pleasure. Do not hesitate to phone or  write us..

Persuade yourself

The first step in the creation of each packaging is the development and preparation, to achieve an ideal unity with the contents.  We use also the whole range of technologies and materials enabling nearly endless quantity of variants. 
Hereby, your customers acquire the correct impression and desired emotions  associated with your mark or  created work.


and many others...

Stories of packaging

El General box

El General box

Sport shirt as Christmas present  | HC MOTOR

Sport shirt as Christmas present | HC MOTOR

The client wants in this packaging catch and show as truly as possible his sport activity. An atypical design is here a supposed advantage.

12 v 1 – special packaging  for tests | iSophi diagnostics

12 v 1 – special packaging for tests | iSophi diagnostics

An interesting packaging design for pedagogical tests when examining children. It was created in co-operation with the designer Patrik Rešl.

Limited series of attractive book | Holzhausen Druck GmbH

Limited series of attractive book | Holzhausen Druck GmbH

Our foreign client Holzhausen Druck GmbH from Austria addressed us with the requirement on the production of packaging for the limited series of the attractive book about Swedish singer Birgit Nilsson.