Sport shirt as Christmas present | HC MOTOR

In summer 2018, we prepared an atypical gift packaging  for HC Motor České Budějovice.  Our client  wants in this packaging  catch and  show as truly as possible his sport activity. The packaging shall first of all serve as Christmas and New Year's wish for the year 2019. The atypical design is here a supposed advantage.  

Our designers came with the proposal and variant of the sport shirt  having the form of a two-piece box in colours evoking the real player's shirts. In the box, there is a sealed cardboard inlay with a cut-out for the gift packaging. 

The material is a white-grey cardboard, offset print with the non-scratchable Achilles X-treme Matt lamination, partial UV varnishing. For the year 2020 the same form variant was used, but the offset print with the non-scratchable lamination was decorated by the hot gold embossing and  relief varnishing.