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About Achilles

We know that the rapidity, reliability, professional attitude and price availability are the main factors which counts.
The team professional spirit and the associated rich practical experience allow us to create simple and available products or, on the contrary, interesting and combined projects in packaging world.
We are innovators of our own traditional procedures. We are adherents of non-traditional solutions and we orientate ourselves well in a wide range of materials. We are able to instil an inexhaustible quantity of finish variants to paper. We are a team which materializes your dreams about the luxurious and practical packaging and turns them into reality. We are a team of Achilles multinational group and we are here for you more than 25 years.

We have been active for 30 years and the goal of our efforts is a permanent path to our satisfied customers. 

Over the past 30 years, Achilles has become a major supplier of luxury cartonboard on the European market. We are a flexible team that is able to meet the requirements of our clients in this segment of the printing industry quickly and in action. We are able to combine the high demands of our clients for quality of workmanship, for diverse requirements in the area of finishing and assembly. 

We have embraced the trend of producing so-called "green or nature" packaging in the form of untreated surfaces and using natural papers. We are able to respond to the demands of manufacturing products with integration of light electronics and sound cards.

”Each time, I am pleased seeing the satisfaction in the eyes of our clients. And even their satisfaction is a big motivation for my further work.”
Jiří Šonka, Executive Head

Time axis

1946  foundation of the company Werner Achilles – laminating printed matters in Celle

1956  founded the 1st place of business (at present 16  places of business on the territory of Germany)

1972  construction of the enterprise for presentation products in Celle

1994  formation of Achilles Papierveredelung spol. s r.o. in České Budějovice

1999  opening the operating premises of Achilles Papierveredelung spol. s r.o. in Plzeň

2001  formation of Achilles CZ s.r.o. in České Budějovice

2002  opening the business premises Achilles Papierveredelung spol. s r.o. in Prague

2007  opening the new production plant of Achilles Papierveredelung spol. s r.o. and Achilles CZ s.r.o. in České Budějovice

2011  merger of Achilles CZ s.r.o. and Achilles Papierveredelung spol. s r.o. into one successor company Achilles CZ s.r.o

2019  the year of the twenty-fifth anniversary of production in the Czech Republic

2024 the year of the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the company in the Czech Republic

In our company, you can rely on

Completely individual attitude

Harmony of form and product with packaging is important, but customer's needs are different. We show you the world of new possibilities of the present packaging technology. Integrate video, sound, light as well as scent...

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Experience and background

We look back at more than 25 years of activity in the Czech Republic and the long years built background of a foreign group.
The history of our company reaches to the year 1946.

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Top quality

We use the top technology of the production for the best possible result and try to utilize its wide range of possibilities to achieve mastery – together with the team which is able to tap the full potential.

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