There is increasingly higher demand  of additional services, e.g. the surface finish of printed materials. One of the most favourite ways of quire finish is the lamination  – applying the laminating foil on printed material. The lamination endows to printed materials maximum optical effect and it increases considerably the mechanic protection and lifetime.


  • glossy and matt foil 

  • polypropylene and polyester foil 

  • special matt foil resistant against abrasion 

  • structured foil (grid, leather, dot, imitation of metal)

  • velvet foil 

  • metallic foil  (silver, gold)

  • holographic foil

  • full-area embossing


  • promotion materials

  • book jackets (dust cover), books and journals' wrappers  

  • pattern book, catalogues

  • folders, picture postcard 

  • Folders and others

Pocket lamination  - bilateral lamination polyester foil

The company Achilles extended the hitherto possibilities of the printed materials finish at our market by the bilateral lamination with polyester foil. We offer to you processing the products in the range from the pocket calendars and bonus cards up to large posters. We enable to select a product with the compact transparent border or without it, we are able to process the orders from several pieces to the high-cost ones. 

During the lamination by the polyester foil, the printed material (115 to 350 g/m2) and the differently thick foils are bonded bilaterally in full-area. We can choose from the range from 0,052 mm to 0,5 mm. The possibility to combine various thicknesses of the paper and foil enables to achieve flexible products  (rollable) and well as solid products depending on required purpose each time.

Besides the aesthetical evaluation of your printed matters, the lamination by polyester foil provides a high degree of protection from dirt and the variant with a compact transparent border also the perfect (100%) protection from humidity.  This fact enables the use of processed printed matters in operating premises with highest hygienic demands (e.g. medical and pharmaceutical operations).


  • Small pocket calendars 

  • Customer cards 

  • Instructions for attendance 

  • Folders 

  • Posters 

  • Catalogue sheets 

  • Menu card 

  • Maps


  • Glossy, matt 
  • Self-adhesive back side 
  • structured foil


  • 2 x 42 microns
  • 2 x 75 microns
  • 2 x 125 microns


  • compact transparent border 
  • type/version without transparent border 
  • a broader border for inserting into the folder 
  • rounding corners 
  • punching 
  • connecting sheets with rivets 
  • ring binding


The surface finish of printed matters by the full-area and partial UV-varnish is offered in the business premises in Prague-Holešovice.  In comparison with lamination, this is a cost-effective alternative of surface treatment, assuring the increased optical effect and gloss of printed materials.


  • partial
  • glossy 
  • matt 
  • varnishes with phosphorescence 
  • varnish glowing in  UV area
  • varnishes imitating scent 
  • photographs 
  • silk-screen raster effects
  • Braill script 
  • UV varnish with glitters
  • Relief varnish


  • partial


Thermal embossing by the metal foil 
Relief embossing  - emboss and deboss

Paper formats: min. format 35 x 50 cm and max. format 64 x 89 cm
Format of embossing: max. 62 x 84 cm
Location of embossing on the quire: beginning of embossing 4 cm from the gripper edge, other border  1 cm from the sheet/quire edge 
Paper stock weight:  from 115 g/m2 – to 600 g/m2 (max. cardboard thickness is  0,75 mm)

Production of printing blocks:

Minimum dimensions of printing blocks: 5 x 5 cm
Magnesium printing blocks: height of printing blocks 7 mm, time of manufacture ca. 3 days,
Brass printing blocks (higher costs): time of manufacture ca. 4 – 5 days 

Reference material for embossing:   

PDF file, assembly of quire (including the rough and clean format and position of embossing on the quire).
Send the reference materials in PDF-form to the following e-mail addresses: – Mrs. Procházková  – Mr. Ploner – Mr. Janura

Print colours:
Absolutely dry 
The surface voltage of quire shall have a higher value then 36 mN/m2
The colours shall not contain the wax, silicon and  pastes against foaming 
The quires shall be not powdered

Delivery conditions of foil:
Usual type of foil – shades: gold and silver, within 2 days
Specialities within 6 weeks

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