El General box


Our task was to produce a worthy packaging for a great combination of genuine Venezuelan rum and the Czech desire for premium quality. Judge for yourself how we did it.

Dimensions: 150 x 10 x 217 mm /WxHxD/
Description: 1x box + 5-piece hanging plate with 4 magnets
Material:l grey/gray cardboard with a thickness of 2 mm
Outer cover: WIBALIN BUCKRAM 115g white /also 2x Pantone printed.
Inner cover: WIBALIN BUCKRAM 115g white / further 1x Pantone + CMYK printed.
Foam: LD 33 Anthrazit 2x
Finishing: gold foil KURZ Luxor 420 for hot metal stamping and embossing
Production: handmade plates and 2 plinths glued into it, including foam lining and placement of a light source to illuminate the contents of the bottle. The plates are printed and embossed with lacquer. 

El General 15yo rum was produced in the family-owned distillery Destilería Sofa from molasses made from 100% local Venezuelan sugar cane. It was aged in American oak bourbon barrels for 15 years. Hand labeling and bottling took place in Prádlo, a legendary distillery operating since 1976. 

The El General 15yo rum refers to the values of the famous Simon Bolívar, who fought for his dream of a united South America. The aroma caresses you with notes of marzipan, pineapple and sugar cane juice. The delicate flavours include honey, banana, coconut, citrus and dark chocolate.

Simply a rum with the right packaging and a well-balanced flavour profile.