12 v 1 – special packaging for tests | iSophi diagnostics

In 2018, the contact with the young designer Patrik Rešl was established for the first time. He was the originator of  the drawing for the future packaging project named  iSophi diagnostics. It is connected with the pedagogical tests for examining children with the support of the foundation avast fund and the final user is the Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre STEP. The core consists of  2  triangle magazine files with the internal magnets  with the coating at the back and 12 pieces of inserted boxes. Everything is harmonized in different colours separating the topics of examination.

The material is the white-grey cardboard, offset print with matt non-scratchable Achilles X-treme Matt lamination. The combination of the manual and machinery work is manufactured by the  modernest  technology of the Emmeci box machine. Based on the presented drawing and preliminary study,  Achilles CZ designed the construction solution design including the function prototype, put into production after the prior approval.